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IMSA Educational Foundation

Annual Education Award
The IMSA Educational Foundation presents an annual award to a person who has shown outstanding dedication to the promotion of education, training or certification. Nominations are received each year and the Board of Directors selects the award winner. The award is presented at the Annual IMSA Opening Ceremony held in conjunction with the IMSA Forum & Expo. Past recipients of this award include:
2018 No Award
2017 Leonard Addair Jr
2016 Michael LiCalzi
2015 Jay Heffelfinger
2014 Paul Batchelor
2011 Hans Kristensen
2010 Sharon Earl
2009 John Marcel
2008 Lonnie Tebow
2007 Bob Janosi
2006 John Lachmann
2005 Lenny Hulme
2004 No Award
2003 Al Mello
2002 William Moroski
Timothy DeWitt
Dean Derks
Donald Wiertella
Marc Start
Chan Cross
Vic Childers
Bruce Gassaway
2001 Jim Suzman
2000 Denise (Johnston) Van Pelt
1999 Robert Zuehlke
1998 Don Fullerton
1997 Dave Stroffolino
1996 Marty Ballou
Tony Haag
1995 Tom Stafford
1994 Marty Ballou
1993 J. C. Byous
1992 Richard De Mello
Rusty Forster
1991 Robert Purcell
1990 No Award
1989 George Allen
1988 No Award
1987 Douglas Aiken
1986 Richard Roux
1985 Buddy Braziel
1984 Wayne Moore
1983 Larry Keyser
1982 Robert Lassell
1981 Ralph Mills
1980 Dick Ober
1979 George Dammier
1978 Warren Farrell